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About Ripples Swim School

Swim Instructor: Kerry

In 2017, after the birth of my daughter, I embarked on a transformative journey, transitioning from a 20-year career in Retail Management to become a passionate swim teacher. With expertise spanning across parent and baby, toddlers, stages 1-10, adults, and SEND lessons, I have had the privilege of making a positive impact on countless lives. Alongside my role as a swim teacher, I also work in a school during the day, further enriching my understanding of the educational landscape.

Equipped with comprehensive qualifications, an enhanced DBS, and a commitment to safeguarding, I am dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing environment for all learners. With boundless love for my job, I take immense joy in witnessing the transformative effect swimming can have on a child's life.


Swim Instructor: Catherine

Since 2010, my journey in teaching and coaching has been filled with rewarding experiences. I began with the City of Coventry swimming club and have since had the pleasure of teaching individuals of all ages to swim at Bedworth leisure centre and Southam leisure centre.

Alongside these roles, I have also conducted numerous private 1-1 classes over the years. As a proud parent of two young water babies, I am deeply passionate about witnessing children develop water confidence and have a blast during their swimming lessons.

Swim Instructor: Gemma

Originating from Trinidad, I naturally acquired my swimming skills through the immersive beach environment without any formal training. In an unexpected twist of fate, I crossed paths with my future husband amidst the aisles of a Barbados supermarket, both of us employed there at the time.

Within a whirlwind span of just 11 months since our first encounter, we embarked on a transformative journey, relocating to the United Kingdom and uniting in marriage. As my daughters embarked on their own swimming lessons with the local Swim Club, my involvement in the world of swimming deepened. Simultaneously, while working at the local Menphy's school and assisting special needs children in their aquatic endeavors, my passion for teaching swimming blossomed and flourished.

The Pool

The swimming pool at Grace Dieu Manor Park serves as an excellent venue for swimming lessons due to its favorable attributes and amenities. The pool is well-maintained, ensuring a safe and conducive environment for teaching and learning. Its tranquil location within the park offers a peaceful setting, away from distractions, allowing for focused and uninterrupted lessons.

The pool's size and layout are designed to accommodate various levels of swimming instruction. It provides ample space for both group lessons and one-on-one sessions, allowing instructors to tailor their approach to meet the specific needs and abilities of each swimmer.

The pool's calm and inviting atmosphere, combined with the natural beauty of Grace Dieu Manor Park, creates an enjoyable and inspiring learning environment. The surrounding parkland provides a picturesque backdrop that enhances the overall experience, making swimming lessons at Grace Dieu Manor Park both educational and immersive.

With its well-maintained facilities, serene surroundings, and versatility, the swimming pool at Grace Dieu Manor Park offers an ideal setting for swimming lessons, fostering skill development, confidence, and a love for the water.


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